This common ‘death move’ is killing your swing


GOLF Top 100 Teacher Shaun Webb explains how one common “death move” is negatively impacting golfers’ swings.

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We all strive for the perfect golf swing. While no one knows for sure what that looks like (see: Jim Furyk), so long as the results are there, nobody really cares how fluid the motion is. The only thing that matters? Getting the most out of each and every swing you take.

Problem is, that’s much easier said than done.

While every golfer’s swing is different, the fundamentals are similar. And GOLF Top 100 Teacher Shaun Webb says he sees one common “death move” that could be killing your game.

From amateurs all the way up to major champions, Webb not only shows what this “death move” is, but offers some advice on how to correct the swing flaw. Take a look below at one of his recent Instagram videos.

As Webb states in the video, this “death move” is essentially a late shift in a golfer’s swing, which pulls the player’s weight back from their ball, causing the entire swing motion to be off. When doing this, you won’t be able to hit the ball with much power, and you’ll have much less control than when shifting your weight properly.

Adds Webb: “At the top of the swing, to get some momentum going, [golfers] are finally forced to shift to the right … the timing is shot.”

How to avoid this “death move” in your swing

Turn and tilt your body in order to create leverage in your swing. This will better position your entire body, pushing your weight towards the ground for a cleaner and more powerful impact. One way to evaluate if you’re doing this right is to check your belt buckle. If it’s level and not titled, you’ll have more power in which to deliver the clubhead to the back of the ball.

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