‘He Can’t Take The Risk’


UFC commentator and analyst Daniel Cormier believes Alex Pereira may need major adjustments in light of potential trilogy.

Just a few days past UFC 287 and the MMA world is still in shock over Israel Adesanya’s vicious knockout over longtime rival Pereira.

Fourth time’s the charm for the returning middleweight king as he reclaimed his gold in stunning and brutal fashion over ‘Poatan’.

Former two-division champion Cormier said that if a trilogy were to eventually take place, Pereira must not put himself in situations where he is at risk with an elite striker like Adesanya.

“The success Pereira had early in the fight shows us he can compete with Izzy,” Cormier said. “I think Alex will grow from this. He will learn from this. He will learn that he cannot take the risk, when he has somebody hurt, as recklessly with four ounce gloves.”

Although it may be some time until we see Pereira return, Adesanya said in the post fight press conference that his chapter with Poatan is over, and he suggested that Pereira should go on and wreak havoc over the 205 division.

Alex Pereira floated for potential light heavyweight division move

Dana White was also asked about what may lie ahead in Alex Pereira’s future and he seconded that statement by suggesting the Brazilian may inevitably move on to the light heavyweight division.

Should Pereira remain afloat at 185, he has made it more than clear that his persistence to chase gold and his longtime foe is not out of question.

Cormier said that should this trilogy happen, Alex Pereira should not be written off by fans because he found success early in the fight, but fell victim to ‘The Last Stylebender’s’ bait.

Similarly to the end of their previous bout, Alex Pereira found a defensive Adesanya pressed against the cage and he decided to unload an onslaught of strikes.

But this time in a scenario that Adesanya calls “playing possum”, he evaded the strikes of Poatan and landed a series of devastating blows to stun the sold out Miami crowd.

Cormier may understand that Pereira’s power and pressure is enough to overwhelm most, but if he is given one final opportunity against Adesanya, he must remain composed and engage in a less aggressive kickboxing storm.

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