Grant Williams Q&A: ‘I try my best to laugh at the hate and disrespect’


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GW: Referees aren’t perfect, man. We can’t expect them to be. Same way players aren’t perfect. So for me, it’s always been trying our best just to respect the game. I feel like the best referees do that and those are the ones who will be on the court with us at the end during the playoffs and during the Finals. Yes, they may make a mistake here or there, but that doesn’t mean we should go for it. Same way when I turn the ball over, I shouldn’t be crushed and destroyed over one possession, you know, there’s multiple possessions during the game that they would have got right, if not more than what they got wrong.

So yeah, there can definitely be issues at times. There’s gonna be frustrations, especially if there’s a correlation or something that players may feel upset about, but at the end of the day, I don’t look at every referee the same, I don’t view every referee the same. So I think from that perspective, we can roll with what we have. So for me, it’s always been like, as long as they do their jobs to their best ability and are willing to admit when they’re wrong, I don’t have an issue with an official because I never expect them to be perfect. We gotta have their backs, they tend to have ours during the game, so I’m not gonna throw them under the bus.

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