Eddie Alvarez on wife’s infamous screaming during fights: ‘If anybody has anything to say, they can go f*** themselves’


Eddie Alvarez makes no apologies for his wife.

Jamie Alvarez is a devoted and loving wife whose husband happens to be a legend in MMA; and if you’ve ever watched one of his fights, you know exactly who she is. Or at least, what she sounds like.

Whenever Alvarez fights, his wife is usually in attendance — and when she is, she makes her presence known by screaming “EDDIE!” incessantly during the fight. The occurrence is so common that there are multiple YouTube compilations documenting the phenomenon and it has become a meme for the MMA community. And this past weekend was no different, as Jamie Alvarez was in attendance for her husband’s bare-knuckle fight with Chad Mendes at BKFC 41, where she once again supported “The Underground King” the best way she can.

On Monday, while speaking on The MMA Hour, Alvarez also addressed the jokes made about his wife’s screaming.

“Listen, that’s my f****** chick, and if anybody has anything to say, they can go f*** themselves,” Alvarez said, laughing. “My wife’s been watching me fight — we met each other when we were 15 years old, we have four children together. I am her f****** guy, and if something happens to me — now you can feel her pain and feel what she’s feeling. She had my four children. She’s my f****** ride or die. She can’t control what’s going on, and her yelling, her screaming, that’s how she feels. It’s genuine. So if you don’t like it, deal with it. But it’s f****** genuine.”

Jamie Alvarez’s concern this weekend was certainly genuine as her husband got all he could handle from Mendes, who dropped “The Underground King” repeatedly in the bout and consistently found a home for his power shots. Ultimately, Alvarez was able to battle through the adversity and scratch out a split decision win in arguably the best fight of the weekend.

“When go back and watch the fight, I think the fifth round won me the fight,” he said. “I got after him pretty good in the fifth, but we were even the whole time. Chad’s a f****** cannon, man. He’s a beast. I would have been totally fine with a draw. If they called a draw, I would have been great. It would have been as equally great night as winning.

“I always think when I go in there [that] my job isn’t to win. It’s not to win. I’ve obsessed with winning my whole life and it’s not fun, obsessing about winning. So my job is to fight like a tireless champion, like a dog, and then have the fans go absolutely crazy. If I can get that out of the fans, then I won. We all won.”

And at Alvarez’s fights, there will always be at least one fan who is doing just that.

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