Doc Rivers on Draymond suspension: ‘League is setting up a very dangerous precedent right now’


Doc Rivers: “…like they take away all your techs at the end of the season. Right? And you start over. Then you should start over and that stuff too. To hear what Joe Dumars was saying with Draymond Green, the past. No, if you should have done something then. This is now, but on top of that Draymond Green stepped on a guy’s chest because he was holding his foot. Alright? The instigator was holding his foot. If I was at a park, and I’m gonna make this point, and you stood over me, we’re going to have a problem. I didn’t grow up in the sticks and stones era. I grew up in the break-the-bones era so it’s a little different. Alright? Having said that, but these guys know they can do it, because they know most likely you can’t do anything. I’m not picking on Nic Claxton, but I don’t think at a park, you’re standing over Joel Embiid, but when you got the refs and everybody else there, nothing’s gonna happen…” -via Sixers Wire / April 21, 2023

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