Dak Prescott is upset the Cowboys parted ways with Kellen Moore


Dak Prescott was less than thrilled when the Dallas Cowboys moved on from Kellen Moore.

Up until this very offseason, Dak Prescott had only known Kellen Moore to be part of the same Dallas Cowboys family.

Moore was let go shortly after the latest unmitigated disaster of a Dallas playoff disappointment. Somebody had to take the fall for America’s Team trying to one-up Chuck Pagano’s Worst Play Ever from his Indianapolis Colts days … for the second postseason in a row. Moore found work almost immediately, as he was hired to be the next Los Angeles Chargers offensive coordinator.

Prescott was making the media rounds ahead of Super Bowl 57. Here is what the newest Walter Payton Man of the Year told Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News about Moore’s departure.

“I’m upset, but I’m happy for him.”

Moore was Prescott’s teammate during his first two seasons in the league, becoming his quarterbacks coach in 2018 before being promoted to Dallas’ offensive coordinator in 2019.

For a myriad of reasons, Prescott should be both “upset” and “happy for” Moore leaving town.

Dak Prescott seems conflicted about Kellen Moore’s Dallas Cowboys departure

For reasons to be upset over this, I mean, where do we start? They are friends, have worked well together for years and it is a bit of a stretch to say Moore was the problem for the Cowboys. Their problem is and always will be their owner, Jerry Jones. Until he allows a head coach the amount of creative control he afforded Jimmy Johnson and briefly Bill Parcells, they will always underwhelm.

As far as reasons for Prescott to be happy for Moore, he gets to go to a competitive team in the other conference to work with a generational talent at quarterback in Justin Herbert. If Brandon Staley’s defense stinks for a third straight season, he will be gone and owner Dean Spanos may have to seriously consider promoting Moore from within. He will be an NFL head coach one day.

So what side of the coin do we land on here? Are we more upset Moore left or happier that he got his next opportunity so fast? Honestly, probably the latter. Mike McCarthy is walking on eggshells as the Dallas head coach with Dan Quinn in-house. He was always seen as the likeliest candidate to be promoted from within if McCarthy were to be out. They also just hired Brian Schottenheimer.

Even if it goes to hell in a hand basket in Los Angeles, Moore is in a better position for upward mobility than he ever was in Dallas. If Prescott truly wants what is best for Moore, then anything that helps him become an NFL head coach should be seen as a huge step in the right direction, even if that opportunity was probably never going to see fruition in Dallas for Jerry Jones reasons.

Prescott does not have time to be upset, as he needs to learn Schottenheimer’s play-calling ways.

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