CeDee Lamb has big expectations for Dallas Cowboys offseason


The Dallas Cowboys have some big offseason plans, but CeeDee Lamb has just one simple expectation for his team.

CeeDee Lamb just wants his team to get better. It doesn’t matter how that occurs.

Lamb made an appearance at Super Bowl media row, and spoke with FanSided courtesy of Old Spice. The FanSided crew asked Lamb about a range of topics, but no answer stuck out like his take on the Dallas offseason.

“Honestly, we just (need to) take a step. I don’t care what it is, (or) who it is,” Lamb said. “I’m willing to do whatever we gotta do to get to the Super Bowl…as you can see, the teams that made the Super Bowl the last few years made big moves in the offseason…I take the offseason just as seriously as I do in-season.”

Dallas Cowboys: CeeDee Lamb wants to make the Super Bowl

For Dallas to truly compete for the Super Bowl, they have to take care of their own first. Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott have uncertain futures in JerryWorld. The list of Cowboys free agents is a long one, and they don’t exactly have a ton of salary cap room to work with.

A long-term contract for Pollard could potentially mean moving on from Elliott. In some sense, it’s tough to foresee a backfield which includes both players given their likely cap hits. Running back isn’t as valued of a position as it used to be. If Dallas does decide to use the franchise tag on Pollard — a player they value greatly — then Elliott would also cost them another $10 million. Nonetheless, they have a way out. FanSided’s Cody Williams pointed this out in a recent article:

“Subsequently, it would be in the cards for the Cowboys to then designate Elliott as a post-June 1 cut (or a potential trade candidate) in order to save $10.9 million against the cap as opposed to the roughly $4 million or so they’d save if he were a pre-June 1 cut or trade.”

If Lamb is true to his word, as long as the Cowboys get better, he’ll be happy. Better may mean moving on from their longtime running back.

CeeDee Lamb spoke with FanSided at Super Bowl media week courtesy of Old Spice.

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