BetOnline value Jalen Hurts to score 2+ Super Bowl TDs at +600


BetOnline have priced Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts to score two or more touchdowns in Sunday’s Super Bowl at +600.

BetOnline value Jalen Hurts to score two or more touchdowns this Sunday at +600 ahead of Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs.

The 24-year-old has scored one rushing touchdown in each playoff game so far against the New York Giants (divisional round) and San Francisco 49ers (NFC Championship).

Hurts has played eight career games with at least two rushing touchdowns:

  • 2 TDs vs Washington Commanders (1/3/21)
  • 2 TDs vs Carolina Panthers (10/10/21)
  • 2 TDs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10/14/21)
  • 3 TDs vs New Orleans Saints (11/21/21)
  • 2 TDs vs Washington Commanders (12/21/21)
  • 2 TDs vs Minnesota Vikings (9/19/22)
  • 2 TDs vs Arizona Cardinals (10/9/22)
  • 3 TDs vs Chicago Bears (12/18/22)

According to NFL betting sites, the Eagles are favored by 1.5 points to win the Super Bowl and take a second Lombardi Trophy in five years back to Philadelphia.

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Can Jalen Hurts complete redemption arc and lead Eagles to Super Bowl glory?

Hurts is gaining traction for his calm and collected demeanour whilst on media duty, even referencing NBA legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s championship mentality.

The former Alabama and Oklahoma college star became the youngest quarterback in league history to reach a Super Bowl after overcoming the shorthanded 49ers.

This year’s Super Bowl marks the first time both starting quarterbacks are black and Hurts, alongside Patrick Mahomes, told reporters how it felt to be a part of history.

“The first time for two [black QBs] to go head-to-head, that’s uplifting the next generation of quarterbacks,” he said.

“It’s a historic moment. I feel like it gives a ton of people back home something to look forward to.

“It’s telling kids that maybe if someone is telling them they can’t do something, that it can be done. It’s great to be a part of history.”

BetOnline have a range of different prop bets available to bet on the Super Bowl, including:

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