Antonio Brown blames former Steelers teammate for giving him CTE (Video)


Antonio Brown is, unfortunately, in the news again. The former NFL wide receiver claims Steelers legend James Harrison gave him CTE, which is impossible to know.

Antonio Brown’s complicated history with the Steelers just received another convoluted chapter, thanks to accusations that James Harrison contributed to a surprising number of head injuries suffered by the All-Pro wide receiver.

Brown alleges that Harrison used an illegal helmet for nearly two decades of his NFL career. Those two often faced off in practice, and Brown suggests that Harrison laid him out a few times.

AB went on to say that Harrison is to blame for his CTE. It’s important to note that even if Brown does have CTE, it’d be impossible for him or anyone to know until after his death, when his brain is examined by an expert (should his family wish for that to occur).

Steelers: Antonio Brown makes serious allegation against James Harrison

Like most heavy-hitters, many of Harrison’s tackles wouldn’t be legal by today’s NFL standards. Heck, Brown is even correct about Harrison’s helmet, as the league altered its headgear on multiple occasions after the All-Pro linebacker retired.

Brown’s attempts to stay relevant in the modern NFL reek of desperation. Ever since Brown walked off the field a few seasons ago, waving goodbye to the only friend he had left in the league with any power in Tom Brady, he hasn’t stepped foot in a team facility. Now that Brady’s retired, it’s tough to see a path back for Brown, who is 34 years old and facing charges.

AB is a story of what could’ve been. With the Steelers, he was on a Hall-of-Fame track, but once he demanded a trade and was gifted a move to Oakland, Brown was never the same. He won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but was the second or third option on that team. He never regained his composure and sure as hell couldn’t stay focused on the task at hand.

Brown’s beef with Harrison is documented, but his allegation cannot be proven at this time, and therefore shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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